Sarin Gas the Cause of Five Deaths in Ridiculous Hospital Mix-up
An oxygen tank valve switch was in the wrong position for two days at an Ezekiel West Hospital operating room killing a total of five patients.

Many of the victims' families are in shock after a press conference where hospital staff clarified that an A-B switch operated a valve that feeds either oxygen or sarin gas to the patient's breather mask from tanks located in operating room nine.

However, officials were unable to explain why sarin gas, an extremely deadly substance, was installed in the alternate tank location.

"Oh, we've always had the sarin tank there. We just knew to be real careful about keeping the switch in the right position," said Doctor Roid, a surgeon at Ezekiel West.

Rodney Slotmongor, the brother of one of the victims was very upset, "Why the hell does a hospital have tanks of sarin!"

No official was able to explain to police the reasoning behind the sarin gas feed. One doctor commented, "These sorts of accidents are very rare. People need to be very careful when selecting the kind of gas they give the patient, that's all."

Jonah Leshnay - the Peel

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Tanks located in EW Hospital's operating room feed either oxygen or sarin gas to the operating table breather mask depending on the switch setting.