Mass Extermination Button at Pool Hall Raises Eyebrows
Minneapolis Police are investigating a bizarre button installed on the wall at Cyanara Pool Hall in Bangton Heights.

"The mayor has received numerous complaints regarding the button, and wonders what it might actually be triggering when it's pressed", said Police Captain Thad Fearington.

The Peel has learned the large red button at Cyanara's is installed directly above a sign that reads: "Press button to instantly exterminate 1000 people".

Barry Johnson, a frequent customer explains, "Oh man, that button gets pushed all the time. I've seen some dudes punch the button with their fist like eight times in a row. Some nights, I ain't kidding you - it's constant."

An opponent of the installed button, Brianna Xiong, gets angry when she thinks about it. "What really makes me feel sick inside is that these are human beings who have no remorse when they push that button. I've even seen people flick it when they are bored just waiting for their next turn to shoot."

Cyanara's owner Billy Jepsen admits he has no idea what actually happens when patrons push that button. Jepsen tells the Peel he doesn't want any trouble, and only ordered the unit to be installed for entertainment purposes. "Each month I receive a totals report. We read it and laugh, because the numbers are so staggering. Last month, according to the report, there were just under four million reported executions- from that one button," says Jepsen lightheartedly. "We figure it's a gag."

Tony Eckert, a customer who has pushed the button on many occasions was kind enough to sit down with the Peel. "It's a release of anger for me. If I scratch on the eight ball or whatever, I usually go straight for that button. It feels good to push it, sorry to say." When asked if it phases him that a thousand people are executed each time he pushes the button, Eckert replied, "No, not one bit."

Jonah Leshnay - the Peel

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