Elizabethan Week Cancelled: Registrants Furious
Contestants of a television station's event are cowering in embarrassment after the organization cancelled this year's Elizabethan Week and the prizes slated to be awarded, but chose anyway to post the photographs of the registrants on the main web site.

"There were many individuals who swallowed what little pride they had and posed in those silly outfits," says John Sampson a supporter of the protest being held in front of the KTRS offices today.

"My friend Kyle is a short person and needed the money," said Sampson. "He's at home, sick to his stomach from the shame he's been blind-sided with."

Last August, KTRS Television promoted the event by luring its shorter-statured viewers to submit photographs of themselves dressed in Elizabethan Era dresses for what KTRS claimed to be "fantastic" prizes including cash and electronics, and also assured the contestants the photos would not be made public.

Steven Spillingdale of Todd Lake trembles with anger. "I have pleaded with the station to take that damn picture off the site."

Spillingdale stands at only 5 feet 2 inches tall and has lived a life riddled with shame and self-loathing.

"Every time I try to do something with my life, God pushes me to the suicide threshold."

Spillingdale is a struggling computer salesman who's confident he will foreclose on his home next month. He owes his employer $11,000 for prior draws against his commission on sales, which have plummeted to near nothing.

Jonah Leshnay - the Peel

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Steven Spillingdale swallows his pride and poses in an Elizabethan Era lady's dress. The prizes Steven was hoping to win have been withdrawn due to the event's cancellation.